Heide and Iain love to work with readers’ groups, literature festivals and libraries.


They have delivered many talks, workshops and events.

Here’s a list (not an exhaustive one) of workshops available:

  • Story and Character – a 3 day workshop (shorter versions available)
  • Blockbuster Stories – Using Hollywood structure techniques to build your story – a 1 day workshop
  • Epic Stories – Using mythic structure techniques to build your story – a 1 day workshop
  • Get inside your story –Tools to analyse, break down and rebuild your story – a 1 day workshop
  • Selling your Story (to yourself and then others) – a 1 day workshop
  • Creating the self-publishing launch package: from finished draft to your first twenty reviews – a 1 day workshop
  • Using personas to create a narrative voice
  • Comedy writing techniques
  • Book cover design (with graphic artist Mike Watts)

They have also taken part in many discussion panels (as guests and moderators)

If you’re interested in a workshop or a speaking engagement then do get in touch at info@pigeonparkpress.com.

Availability and location are big factors in whether they can help, but Iain and Heide are happy to present via Skype or Google hangout.

“You are both a hugely funny double act” [Karen Mitchell, Rugby Book Lovers]

“…the workshop was well structured with exercises to break down barriers and get participants working straight away.” [Sue Barsby, Leftlion]