Author: Heide Goody

  • How a writing workshop led to comedy editing gold

    Halloween Writing Workshop I went to a writing workshop on Halloween. It was my birthday so I decided it would be a fun way to pass the day. It was a flash fiction workshop at the University of Leicester, held in the David Wilson Library. Our hosts were Simon Dixon, the Special Collections librarian and […]

  • Making a creepy doll ghost for Halloween

    It’s nearly Halloween, and you know what that means, right?* Spooky decorations are needed, that’s what. It’s definitely more fun if you can make your own, and when you have a terrifying infant in the house already, it seems a shame not to incorporate it. Baby wanted a ghost friend, so here is how I […]

  • Spotted! A monster in Birmingham’s canals.

    Why we did it We wrote a book about Birmingham, a book about the unkillable gods who live there (of the tentacled and untentacled variety). Dreaming up ways to get our efforts in front of the maximum number of people is something that we like to do. There’s no escaping the fact that Amazon do […]

  • Fantasycon By the Sea

    Here’s Heide’s report from Fantasycon By The Sea 2016. This year’s Fantasycon was held at the Grand Hotel in Scarborough, with some events held over the road at The Royal. Accommodation and booze was priced very keenly, so there was an expectation that rooms would be shabby at best, utterly horrible at worst, but mine was […]